Unbeatable Security for your Home

1. PAS 24 Compliant
Fully compliant with the
requirements of the industry
standard PAS24, every
Signature Door provides
outstanding protection,
at the heart of which is
our 3* cylinder, backed
by a £4,000 guarantee.


2. High Security
Locking System
All of our locks conform
to British Standards
version BS3621.


3. 3 Star Cylinder
For complete peace of
mind, our 3* Kitemarked
Euro cylinder provides
guaranteed protection.

4. Security Glazing
All our glazed doors benefit
from laminated and toughened,
double glazed units that are
PAS24 approved.



5. Strong and Durable
Aluminium Panels
All doors are manufactured
using 1.5mm aluminium sheet
as standard.



6. Three Heavy
Duty Hinges
Our adjustable door hinges offer long life performance and maintenance free operation.
They have low friction bearings for smooth door opening and are fully adjustable in 3 directions.
These heavy duty hinges are resistant to 80kg of pressure per hinge.

for doors

As an assurance of quality, all our Signature Doors are BSI Kitemarked,
and comply with PAS24, the BSI security standard for doors.

The PAS24 standard ensures that doors meet rigorous standards for protection against forced entry and intrusions.

To ensure complete protection, our high security multi point locks are also insurance approved.

Your home’s security


It isn’t just style that comes as standard with every Smart Signature Door. Each door also provides outstanding security.

Our attention to detail extends not only to the quality of our doors, but also to the hardware that provides those all-important finishing touches, and the locks that secure them. With over 80,000 different key combinations, and a choice of locking mechanisms that includes slam lock, hook and deadbolt locks, every Signature Door provides outstanding protection.

Our 3* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder

For extra security, we provide every Signature Door with 3 star cylinders as standard:-


Even if the lock is snapped, an intruder can’t
gain access to the lock’s inner workings.
‘Bumping’ is a process of making the pins jump
above the shear line, anti-bump prevents this.
The locks are made in such a way that they are
almost impossible to pick.
Hardened steel anti-drill pins are located at
each side of the cylinder.

Make it yours with our secure…


Our locks fully comply with the requirements of the industry’s security standard, PAS24, with a choice of three different options available for you to choose from.

Whether you want your door to lock as it is shut (the slam lock option) or to always lock it with a key (choose from two hook options) each of our locks provides high levels security, outstanding performance and guaranteed reliability




for assured performance

For assured reliability, our three chosen lock options have each been subjected to a rigorous test regime.

As part of this programme, they undergo ‘cyclic testing’, which means they are repeatedly locked and unlocked – 200,000 times. That’s the equivalent of a family of four each locking and unlocking the door twice a day, every day for 35 years!

MULTIPOINTOur standard twin hook locks
provide high security, with the
hooks securing the door to
the frame

As the name suggests, the
door locks as soon as it is shut.
Turning a key in the lock then
engages the deadlock and a key
is used to re-open the door

FOUR DEADBOLTA premium lock is available
which adds four deadbolts to
the two hook look.

Choose from…


This type of cylinder is increasingly popular, largely due to its ease of use and convenience. Although a key is required to lock or unlock the door from the outside of the house, a simple clockwise turn of the knob locks the door, and an anticlockwise turn unlocks it.

Thumb turn cylinders may be used on all three of our lock options, including slam locks.



As the name suggests, for these cylinders the key is required to lock and to unlock the door, both from the inside and outside of the house. This option is also suitable for all three of our lock types.

So confident are we in the locks’ quality and performance, that if your home is broken into via one of our 3* Kitemarked Euro Cylinders, and your insurance company won’t pay out, we will pay up to £4,000 to cover the cost of stolen goods.

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Poole, Ferndown, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Sandbanks, Westbourne, Branksome, Broadstone, Parkstone, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, West Moors, Verwood, Penn Hill and throughout Dorset.


Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Totton, Hedge End, Romsey, Portsmouth, Chandlers Ford, Fareham, Lymington, Lyndhurst, New Forest, Basingstoke, Fleet and throughout Hampshire.

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