Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is important. That’s why all windows and doors need to uphold exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. Here at Aluminium Windows Ltd. we offer a standard of product that will greatly enhance the heat retention of any and all homes.

Our Smart Architectural Aluminium profile is, in our opinion, the best in the market for keeping the heat in and the cold air out. Next generation Thermal Break Technology reduces condensation by stopping warm air in its tracks. This keeps it in your home where you want it, not escaping into the outside world.

U-Values | Aluminium Windows

aluminium-window-profileMeasuring the performance of a window, a U-value identifies a products ability to retain heat. The higher the U-value, the worse the overall thermal performance. If you are looking for a window with excellent thermal ability and outstanding insulating properties, then look out for a low U-value.

The lower your home’s U-Value, the better. With Aluminium Windows Ltd, you can be 100% sure your windows exceed current regulations.

State of the art technology in every aluminium window means that you can be sure of a low U-Value. This is an area we don’t make any sacrifices in, we know that over time our customers will demand lower and lower U-Values.

Quality Aluminium Windows

At Aluminium Windows Ltd, all our aluminium windows are extremely energy efficient. That means they’ll cut your carbon emissions and your fuel bills.

Quality Aluminium Double GlazingOver time, you’ll save on these bills dramatically. And seeing as our windows will last you 30 years or more, that’s a lot of money. The higher the energy efficiency, the bigger the saving.

These days it’s mandatory to show all of your Window Energy Rating certificates if you’re putting your home on the market.

Higher ratings are very appealing to buyers as it means they’ll have to do less work to the property if they buy it.

Contact our experts to find out more about Window Energy Ratings and U-Values. We can talk you through why our aluminium windows are financially and environmentally the most sound option when it comes to buying new aluminium windows. Call us today on: 0808 168 6717.