Trade Aluminium Suppliers

Trade Aluminium Suppliers


We manufacture Smart Architectural Aluminium. Why? Because we think it’s the best product on the market for the widest range of purposes.

It’s practically indestructible for domestic purposes. It’s versatile and easily installed for larger commercial projects. Weather performance and security are important considerations for all applications, from bungalows to retail units. We found Smart to perform well across the board.

Speed, Quality & Price

Speed. Quality. Price. We know that’s what matters to you. And it matters to us, too. We have years of experience manufacturing for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole trader or a large enterprise, we have the infrastructure in place to deliver on time, every time.


What’s more, everyone at Aluminium Windows Ltd has worked in the trade themselves. Which means we understand your priorities. It also means we won’t cut corners when it comes to great quality.

We’re sure you take pride in your work, which is an ethic we share. Our stringent quality control means no aluminium windows or doors leave our premises without thorough inspection.

Because everything is in-house, you’re just paying for the product. You’re not paying for everything else that goes with it. This allows us to offer incredible aluminium prices.

Instant Quotes

In our world efficiency means speed which is why we provide you with instant quotes for your upcoming aluminium project.

Get an instant quote for your aluminium windows and doors by downloading our trade quote sheet below. Once you have completed the quote sheet, email us and we will come back to you within 24 hours with our best price.

Download Aluminium Quote Sheet

Fast Lead Times

Our fast lead times are made possible through our innovative workflow solutions and speedy manufacturing process. We understand that the sole trader needs his or her aluminium windows as fast as possible to keep margins down. This is why we offer a bespoke service at speed.


We offer a delivery service throughout the UK. Whatever the size of your order, we can handle it. As a major supplier to the NHS, we know that large projects require expert handling.  Contact us for further information.


Technical Support

We know that reputation and strong working relationships are vital to long-term success which is why we provide the very best technical support and advice for our trade customers. Contact us if you require any further advice or information regarding our products and services.

Trade Prices

As a manufacturer, when you deal with Aluminium Windows Ltd, there are no middle men in your supply chain, which is why our trade prices are so very competitive. Contact us today for the most competitive trade aluminium prices and see how much you can save: 0808 168 6717.